Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#38 - Alexa Eden - Striking An Urban Wellness Balance

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Alexa Eden. Based on what she was hearing at Equinox, Alexa decided to leave to a lead #StrikeABalance movement. She is an Urban Wellness Consultant here in New York City. She helps individuals and brands have more purpose, connection, and growth while understanding how technology can help or hurt us. She has worked with brands like Equinox, Daily Harvest, Glossier to name a few. She led an underground meditation series in New York City. Things you will particularly learn: how to think about leaving a corporate job and setting yourself up for success. A better appreciation and understanding of the people and communities around us. So tune in to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

Episode Notes


  1. Alexa's website
  2. Alexa's instagram (alexa.eden)
  3. Transportation Transportation (underground meditation)