Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#36 - Evan Wray - From Emojis to Wellness

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Evan Wray. Evan was a walk-on to the football team at the University of Notre Dame. While also in school, he cofounded Swyft Media, which he led for over 6 years before selling the company. He has been named on Forbes's 30 Under 30 List and is now a Venture Partner at Trail Mix Ventures, a female-led investment fund focused on the wellness economy. Some things you will learn during this episode: 1) lessons learned from being a founder; 2) the importance of being present when working; 3) picking projects and partners wisely; 4) how to from relationships with people you respect; and 5) his role as a coach and mentor to portfolio companies at Trail Mix Ventures. So tune in to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

Episode Notes


  1. Trail Mix Ventures
  2. Evan's twitter
  3. Evan's personal website