Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#33 - Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy - Getting Sh*t Done for Her and You

Episode Summary

This is conversation with Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy. Georgie's professional title is an execution strategist! Does that sound like you? Things you will learn here: -her pivotal and inspiring realizations moving in from Jamaica to New York -how to use the power of being broke to your advantage -how her very popular annual GSD Summit with leaders like Gerard Adams and John Henry was unexpected -Do you have a regular tradition of service? Each year-end, she practices a "Help With Anything" to generously help professionals like introductions, review resumes, etc -She has a new book coming out. The Are of Getting Sh*T Done. Pre-order through January 11th. Her proven business growth tactics, tools, and tips are in the book for you. She would love your support. ... Tune in to build and grow your Portfolio Career and Hustle Muscle!

Episode Notes


  1. Georgie's website
  2. Pre-sale of Georgie's book - The Art of Getting Sh*t Done
  3. Fierce Clarity class by Nicole Walters