Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#10 - Chris Bolman - Increase Your Surface Area and Create Leverage to Increase Your Chances of Success

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Chris Bolman. Chris's Portfolio Career consists of being of a marketing, communications and technology strategist and is currently the CEO of Brightest, a technology platform for purposeful work and civic engagement and the cofounder of The Museum of Pizza, a new pop-up in New York City in October. Chris talks about four different components of his time and life design. He encourages people to try to get leverage with the four components of them. By pursuing different projects, putting yourself out there, and maybe failing, Chris believes you increase your surface area for opportunities and potential success. Chris talks about his learning experience as an early employee at venture capital backed- startup, Percolate. And so much more to learn and grow your Portfolio Career. Tune in and let's have some fun!

Episode Notes

Notable quotes:
-“Almost any problem you have, someone else really intelligent in human history has thought about it and documented their thinking”
-“Blessing and maybe a curse, I just have loved to learn new things.”
-References a Charlie Munger quote: “a couple good mental models is all you need to succeed in life and your career”

A few other key points:
-Chris talks about psychology and human behavior in that when kids learn they can create something, it gives them so much joy. Chris believes this is how we are wired and to remember this.
-Chris would like to improve on staying to in touch with people from prior jobs and projects, and also delegating tasks to others sooner.
-Chris believes startups provide this biggest opportunity to learn a lot of different things.
-Chris talks about time and energy management and maximization as well.

David Graeber's book: Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

For additional information to learn and connect with Chris, please see:
Personal website: https://chrisbolman.com/
Recent blog post reference that talks about components to Portfolio Career:
Museum of Pizza website:
(opening in New York City in October for the month)