Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#58 - Business Development and Professional Communities (Firneo) with Scott Pollack

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Scott Pollack. Scott is a long-time business development practitioner and thought leader with experience working at companies like WeWork and American Express. However, Scott has always been focused on building relationships and communities outside of those companies. To take it to the next level, Scott is now the CEO and Founder of Firneo, a network of professional development of communities. In this episode, you will also learn about: -relationship and networking best practices, -what is good and bad practices in business development; and -how to create a career and reputation beyond your current employer. Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career with Scott!

Episode Notes


  1. [Scott's company, Firneo][1]

  2. [Scott's recent blog post, Don't Rely On Your Career Commas][2]

  3. [Scott's book, What Exactly Is Business Development][3]

  4. [Scott's blog, Start Of The Deal][4]

  5. [Scott's twitter account (@slpollack)][5]