Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#39 - Erica Blair - Big Projects From Anywhere In The World

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Erica Blair. Erica has been location-independent over ten years since college at Columbia University in New York. She grew up in Silicon Valley, but that was not enough to fuel her creativity, professional impact, and personal development. Working remote is requirement for any new projects. She is working on over 5 different projects right now: 1) experience designer for a global summit with Bancor; 2) messaging strategy for Everpedia, a direct-to-consumer blockchain product; 3) a decentralized collaboration @ BlockCollab; 4) Upstock project launch; and 5) brand strategy coaching. Things you will learn: 1) what a digital nomad is and what it is not. 2) How to find and price your freelance and project-work services. 3) The importance of updating your network on current interests, asking for help, and referrals. 4) the importance of community, building new relationships, and offering your expertise. Tune in to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

Episode Notes


  1. Erica's personal website
  2. Erica's Facebook profile (@ericablairlive)
  3. Erica's twitter account (@ericablairlive)