Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#32 - Frank Denbow - Building a Community for Self-Funded Entrepreneurs and Projects

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Frank Denbow. Please see some highlights here: -Frank's journey and advice on how to get a job and build a network in the New York Tech and Startup ecosystem. -how Startup Threads (now INK'A) started as an unexpected side hustle and project. It then evolved by listening to and growing with customers. -some stories and insights not always shared, discussed or celebrated in the New York Tech and Business scene -the progress and 2019 vision of Inflection, Frank's community for bootstrappers in New York City. ....And so much more. Tune to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

Episode Notes

-Frank Denbow's personal site
-Mom's company, Joy With Paper
-Frank's twitter account (@frankdenbow) and Instagram account (@frankdenbow)
-Sage Labs, a product marketing consulting company