Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#56 - Christina Kaputsos - The Doodle Challenge

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Christina Kaputsos. Christina is an award winning Creative Director and Strategist. As a serial entrepreneur, she has created three business including one while in school. She worked with nationally known brands and organizations such as Capital One, the Federal Aviation Administration, The Kennedy Center, and Dole to name a few. She has launched a new project, The Doodle Challenge, now on Kickstarter. The product has wide-ranging benefits, including stress reduction and boosting creativity. In this episode, you will learn advice about becoming and being a creative entrepreneur. Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career with Christina.

Episode Notes


  1. The Doodle Challenge

  2. The Doodle Challenge on Kickstarter

  3. Christina's personal portfolio website