Portfolio Career Podcast with David Nebinski

#9 - Olive Persimmon - Using Words and 5 Projects to Help People

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Olive Persimmon. She "talks" in-depth about how she uses words to create stuff. While going in-depth about her professional and personal journey in New York, she mentions the different approaches and combinations of jobs, projects, and art to construct her portfolio career. She honed her craft, impact, and ultimate service to others by taking as much chances she could at places like Toastmasters. The recent TEDx speaker believes that communication is fundamentally the most important skills anyone can have. Tune in and let's have some fun!

Episode Notes

A few notable quotes:
-"Figure out what you want to do, and then relentlessly pursue it"
-"Is your time aligning with your priorities?"
-"Communication is fundamentally the most important skill anyone can have"
-"Once you figure out how you communicate and how someone communicates differently than you, it's a game changer."
-"There are four different primary communication systems described as birds: eagle, owl, dove, and peacock."

(Note: Which one are you? Would love to hear and learn.)

For additional resources and more about Olive, please see:
-Her website: https://www.olivepersimmon.com/; and
-Her TEDxAsbury Park talk titled, "How to Be a Great Lover (Not What You Think)":